Diabetic Retinopathy / Clinical Trials -- AAO DME in the Real World: Treatments Past, Present, and Future Pre-test

Based on the outcomes of the Phase III RIDE/RISE trial, what percentage of subjects needed zero injections?
In the outcomes of DRCR Protocol I steroids and anti-VEGF have the same impact as slowing the progression of PDR?
Based on the Open Label Extension study and the ENDURANCE extension study following the Phase III RIDE/RISE and VISTA/VIVID trials analyzing ranibizumab and aflibercept for DME management respectively, the mean number of anti-VEGF treatments administered in the 4th year of treatment was:
In the ENDURANCE Phase IV open-label study assessing the need for ongoing aflibercept, subjects maintained visual acuity gains achieved in the Phase III trial with significantly reduced dosing
Future studies in suprachoroidal delivery of sorticosteroids predict